4 Core Activities

4 Core Activities

Insightful Investment

Merchant Banking

Asset Backing


Insightful Investment

Using its international network of contacts GreenBank seeks to identify and invest in the global businesses of tomorrow. These will tend to be scalable fast-growing companies whose product is easily purchased worldwide and which can operate internationally.

In addition to investing in these companies, GreenBank will also provide them with highly valuable merchant banking support and expert capital markets advice. Also by investing in these exciting globally scalable businesses, GreenBank mitigates its overall investment risk by also acquiring minority or majority stakes in established companies with proven profitability and cash flow, which in turn will assist GreenBank’s overall cashflow and ability to finance a progressive future dividend policy.

In order to add asset backing to GreenBank’s balance sheet, the Company also invests in real estate and natural resource opportunities which have the potential to provide exceptional returns.

This blended approach of delivering exponential growth coupled with proven cashflow and asset backing sets GreenBank apart as an insightful and formidable investor, focused on delivering world class returns for its shareholders.

Innovative Merchant Banking

At its heart GreenBank is a dedicated, highly skilled and innovative merchant banking business. Where many professional services firms see only problems and obstacles, GreenBank draws on its wealth of experience to deliver innovative, effective and decisive solutions.

GreenBank provides an extensive range of merchant banking services including, but not limited to:

Public Listings

GreenBank management has decades of experience in public listings. The public listing enables private companies to gain access to capital and offers liquidity to investors

GreenBank aims to list companies on the CSE, the London and New York Stock Exchanges and to dual list them on other international exchanges including the Frankfurt Boerse.

Pre-Ipo funding

Once a client company has decided, and is qualified, to list on a public market, there may be a need for some interim pre-IPO funding, including the payment of listing fees and professional advice.

GreenBank is adept at sourcing and providing specialist bridge funding to ensure the listing process is as stress free as possible for all parties.

Private Equity

GreenBank also makes longer term private equity investments in a range of private companies.

Private Equity investments are usually reserved for major investors with access to the opportunities offered by the larger investment banks. Smaller investors are “shut-out” of such deals. By investing in GreenBank investors have indirect access to a portfolio of private equity investments.

Mergers and Acquisitions

By accessing the public markets, GreenBank investee companies could use their publicly listed shares as an acquisition tool to expand their businesses by strategic transactions.

Further, the Mergers and Acquisition experience of GreenBank directors can also facilitate private acquisition transactions.

Reverse Mergers

Reverse mergers are transactions in which a private company merges with a public company and becomes the dominant part of the enlarged business.

In many cases the post-merger company changes its business focus to that of its new subsidiary. GreenBank management has facilitated numerous reverse merger transactions on multiple exchanges ranging from the CSE, to NASDAQ, to AMEX, to the AIM and Main markets of the London Stock Exchange.

Business Incubating

Private companies often need to be assisted with both funding and management expertise.

When GreenBank makes an investment in a portfolio business, the GreenBank directors take one or more board positions in the portfolio company. GreenBank then provides the expertise and funding needed to develop the business further.  It effectively “incubates” companies to the point where they can graduate to a public listing.

Corporate Restructuring

Companies can sometimes get into corporate difficulties due to unforeseen events or lack of finance.

The GreenBank team has the experience to provide solutions that can either recapitalize or restructure the corporate entity. GreenBank can assist with problems such as debt renegotiation, redomicile of the corporation to a more favourable jurisdiction, or just general corporate “clean-up” issues, all of which can augment and streamline the growth process.

Property ‘Potential’ Realisation

The GreenBank management team and partners have a track record of identifying overlooked, underestimated and undervalued regional and urban land and/or buildings, and have the skills to obtain the requisite planning consents required to ensure the maximum financial, environmental and community benefits for stakeholders, turning unloved spaces into thriving hubs of family, business and community life.

Our team is highly experienced across the whole property spectrum and has been equally comfortable working with some of the largest corporate brands in the business alongside independent family owners who require value for money, market knowledge and expert, up to date professional advice.

In financial terms GreenBank is particularly attracted to the major increase in land value resulting from successfully obtaining planning consent for development projects. GreenBank can assemble a highly qualified and experienced team of planning and development experts to ensure that each potential development has the highest possible chance of obtaining local authority approval with community support.

GreenBank offers a complete, one-stop service that demystifies property management by helping clients identify the best possible options for development, proactive asset management efficiently advising on potential planning gain or increased income yields.

GreenBank can oversee the entire process including the calculation of the potential Gross Development Value (GDV) through to the cost effective recruitment of a hand-picked team of professionals for the project, management of the community/political engagement to the submission of the planning application and eventual outcome.

GreenBank’s property solutions are extremely cost effective and time efficient due to us selecting from a vast pool of professionals, in all of the expert fields necessary for a project. As an example we often negotiate success fees for our Architects, Planning Consultants and other professionals to ensure our clients cashflow is at a minimum, expectations are realistic and the key team is highly motivated to succeed.

Liquidity Provision

All companies require cash to survive. Companies do not become bankrupt due to lack of assets or profits, but lack of cash. GreenBank specialises in providing liquidity solutions for public and private companies.

For public companies, GreenBank provides a range of services from investment to active principal trading in client company shares, as well as a robust communication strategy designed to deliver enhanced levels of investor engagement and therefore increased volumes of daily trading in client company shares.

For public companies, GreenBank provides a range of services from investment to active principal trading in client company shares, as well as a robust communication strategy designed to deliver enhanced levels of investor engagement and therefore increased volumes of daily trading in client company shares.

We also source third party investment and borrowing facilities to support client company growth plans. Without minimum volumes of trading in public company shares, it is extremely difficult for those public companies to raise money from the investment community, for the simple reason that many investors do not want to be locked into illiquid investments. GreenBank endeavours to actively support client companies increase trading volumes to make client company shares more liquid, and therefore more attractive to investors at large.

Furthermore, by helping to ensure that client company shares are liquid, we also help to ensure that client companies can make acquisitions, as well as raise finance, more easily and on more attractive terms.

This is because vendors can be confident that any stock they receive as part or full consideration for the sale of their business will in fact be realisable. The provision of liquidity for client company shares is therefore important for the growth plans of client companies and reassuring for client company shareholders.

For both private and public companies, we also provide or arrange equity investment, asset finance, bridging loans, convertible debt finance, pre-ipo funding and medium term loans in order to support and strengthen client company growth plans and objectives.