GreenBank's core investment philosophy is centred on exponential growth. As a relatively small merchant banking business, we recognise that the vast bulk of our shareholder base is interested in the potential of Greenbank to be a large business of tomorrow.

For those seeking relatively modest but more predictable returns, the larger companies of today provide that opportunity. GreenBank, on the other hand, recognises that to be a big company of tomorrow, we need to have a business model that achieves exponential returns. GreenBank aims to achieve exponential growth in the following ways:


Identifying and investing in fast growing globally scalable businesses and supporting them through all stages of growth including public listing.


Only issuing new GreenBank common shares as a value enhancing currency for acquisitions or to raise money on a significant asset or earnings enhancing basis.


3. By providing exceptional value to landowners and property asset managers using our experience, creative and expert market knowledge to deliver disproportionately high capital or income returns, either in partnerships or through direct option agreements.

We believe that these will be the three key drivers of exponential growth in the value of Greenbank common shares.

Whilst our primary focus is on delivering exponential growth, we balance the risks associated with such rapid growth by also acquiring companies and investments with proven profitability and cashflow and asset backed opportunities.