Asset Management Platform

Invested in 400,000,000 of Freeways utility Token as a first step in a planned collaboration with Freeway ( (previously called AuBit). Freeway is the pioneering asset management platform being created to help to service the needs of institutional, professional and retail investors in the multi-trillion dollar global asset management industry.

Freeway Tokens are traded on several crypto currency platforms and have a strictly limited maximum supply of only 10bn. Based on the midmarket price at 8 am GMT on 12 November 2020, Staminier’s holding of Freeway Tokens had a market value of approximately US$3.2m. Within a week of making the investment, the value of the investment had doubled. The Freeway Token can also be staked, giving further rewards “Dividends” and utility. Up to 43%, in pure income, per year. 


Transparency for people donating money

Greenbank Capital purchased a 25% shareholding in Flex Capital, a company that has developed a donating app, designed to radically improve transaction transparency for people donating money across a variety of industries and encourage communities of donors to communicate together and develop, from football clubs to charities and everything in between.

The charity sector, for example, receives many tens of billions of dollars of donations per annum worldwide, but the level of transparency in how the money is spent is minimal, and the related gratification a donor receives – as a result of not knowing how the money they donated has tangibly helped – is therefore correspondingly small.

In contrast, if a donor knows that the money they have donated is helping a specific good cause and can actually see the manner in which their specific contribution is deployed, the level of donor gratification – and therefore willingness to help more – radically increases. The Eflex app not only provides that level of transparency, but also encourages communities of donors to develop as like-minded people see their collective donations at work, which in turn can help promote the good cause by encouraging others to join.

Eflex will generate revenue by charging a transaction fee from each transaction processed through the app and by providing service support where needed. Total transactions are expected by Eflex to eventually exceed C$1bn per annum.

Blockchain Evolution Inc

Owners of the world’s first identification based blockchain;

52% of Blockchain Evolution Inc. which owns the technology behind the world’s first identification-based Blockchain. Its mission is to engage in software development and marketing of identification-based blockchains, and deploy the technology in a wide array of uses. Blockchain Evolution’s 100% subsidiary Xbook Network Inc is developing a user permissioned social media platform empowering users to control access to their personal data, and which shares 50% of Xbook revenue with Xbook users. Xbook is utilizing Blockchain Evolution technology to provide the critical user identification infrastructure that is needed to accurately and securely record data for both users and advertisers. The potential for blockchain technology in the FinTech space, as well as other uses, is significant.