GreenBank common shares are currently listed internationally on 3 stock exchanges: The Canadian Securities Exchange, the Frankfurt Boerse and OTC Markets in the USA. This provides international investors with greater opportunities to trade GreenBank common shares in their own currency and time zone.

Not only are GreenBank common shares traded internationally but the Company also has global operational reach. Its executive team is located in Canada, the USA and Europe and the Company has a pipeline of deals originating from most continents.

GreenBank’s network of contacts scour the world's markets for opportunities that have the potential to add substantial value to GreenBank common shares.

GreenBank is a business with a global footprint and highly regulated corporate structure driven by a multi-talented and experienced team, who have combined to deliver merchant banking opportunities in the ever exciting global marketplace.

As the Company executes on its determined growth plan, the ability to trade GreenBank common shares internationally will be an increasingly important asset.

It is also a key strategic objective of GreenBank that its common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s biggest stock exchange, at the earliest opportunity.

GreenBank is a business with global ambition and global reach.