What are the core objectives of GreenBank Capital?

GreenBank develops exciting businesses within growth sectors.

We identify opportunities with companies that we feel that we can add value to, in the short to medium term.

Our ethos is to nurture businesses through different developmental stages of their lifecycles, to boost efficiency and profitability where appropriate.

How does GreenBank source investment opportunities?

Our extensive network spans across a variety of sectors and countries.

The GreenBank Board carefully select emerging opportunities from their contacts which fit the correct criteria and metrics we look for.

We then take each opportunity through an extensive vetting process, where we conduct a deep review before making any decision to move forward.

What are the risks associated of investing in GreenBank Capital?

Risk is de facto when dealing with growth companies.

The GreenBank Board uses calculated risk to determine which businesses are worthwhile to pursue, which to leave alone, and when to exit existing investments.

The main risk to consider is if all our portfolio companies fail to deliver on their business plans, which would be an unlikely outcome based on the levels of due diligence we do on each during the appraisal stage.

We work side by side with our companies and have consistent communications with them, mitigating risk and to quickly spot any potential issues before they occur.

Why do you invest in a broad range of sectors?

A diversified and balanced portfolio is imperative for maximising shareholder return.

Not only do we limit over-exposure to one sector, diversification enables us to identify exciting opportunities in the ever-changing commercial world.

Our strategy allows us to hedge start-ups and accelerator companies with more conventional companies to ensure standardised portfolio performance, regardless of overall market conditions.

Which types of company do you typically invest in?

GreenBank has a diversified portfolio of competitive businesses that span multiple sectors and countries.

This is intentional, we understand the importance of a balanced range of investments in growth sectors as well as more conventional businesses.

This blend importantly allows us to hedge our positions against substandard global macro environments, and not become overly exposed in any one sector.

How can I trade GreenBank shares?

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