How realistic is your objective to develop into a large international business?

We have a very clear objective, we have identified and understand the value drivers required to deliver the objective and we have the proven expertise and ability to deliver it.

How do you source your deals?

Our experienced management team has a wide network of international contacts that bring opportunities to the Company.

Why do you want to uplift to NYSE/NASDAQ?

The volume of trading in the shares of companies listed on NYSE or NASDAQ exceeds the amount of trading on virtually all other worldwide markets.

High volume trading increases the liquidity of the Company’s stock and makes it a more attractive currency for acquisitions and raising capital, thereby significantly aiding the Company’s exponential growth plans.

Why do you invest in a broad range of sectors?

We believe to achieve the disproportionate and scalable growth we want for shareholders, our approach across a range of sectors is imperative.

This diversity not only spreads our exposure, it also enables us to identify exciting opportunities in the ever changing commercial world and deliver to both the business owners and our shareholders a unique, value added proposition. This strategy also provides an inbuilt hedge across more conventional growth markets and fast moving new opportunities.

What are the main risks to your strategy?

The risk of investments we make in companies all fail to deliver their business plans.

The main risk is that the companies we invest in ALL fail to deliver their business plans. This is highly unlikely due to the diligence we use when appraising opportunities. In addition, we work side-by-side with the principals of our investments to quickly spot and remedy potential problems. And in the event of poor management, we ensure we have the power to replace leadership, if required.

How can I trade GreenBank shares now?

Many brokers already trade GreenBank shares. If your broker does not, click here for a list of brokers that do and learn how easy it is to open an account.