To develop into a substantial international merchant bank, with a market capitalization exceeding $1bn, operating on every continent and listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ — because we live in a truly global era as exceptional value opportunities are worldwide.

For each acquisition or investment to substantially increase value per share.

To operate with the highest levels of integrity, and only deal with those of a similar ethos — as we feel that “you can’t make a good deal with a bad person”.

To develop strong and enduring relationships — because we believe that good relationships are the bedrock of successful business, by ensuring good quality corporate introductions and business opportunities. Friends like dealing with friends and people want to deal with those they can trust.

For the business to be sustainable, not just financially but environmentally. That means we don’t take on excessive financial gearing and we don’t owe a debt to the environment either.

The GreenBank Approach

Greenbank’s whole approach is to add substantial value to existing shareholders, not merely to pay lip service to the objective, but to actively focus on adding exponential value.

A key Greenbank approach is to ensure that the Company does not issue new shares for financings, investments or acquisitions which are value dilutive to existing shareholders.

Each new stock issuance must typically therefore significantly increase earnings per share or net asset value per share within the shortest possible period of time.