Our mission is to nurture and grow our international portfolio of growth companies, to deliver superior returns to shareholders over the short-to-medium term.

The aim is to help our investee companies, which will often be start-ups or early-stage businesses, to develop rapidly into profitable, cashflow-positive undertakings, thus generating both capital growth and income for GreenBank.


• To operate with the highest levels of integrity, and only deal with those of a similar ethos.

• To help each acquisition or investment to substantially increase value per share.

• To develop strong and enduring relationships, as we believe that good relationships are the bedrock of successful business.

• To create sustainable businesses, not just financially but environmentally. We don’t take on excessive financial gearing and we don’t owe a debt to the environment either.

Our Approach

GreenBank’s approach is to add substantial value to shareholders and portfolio companies alike.

We actively add value where we can, and provide services to all businesses within the GreenBank ecosystem.

GreenBank will share updates regarding existing positions and future opportunities where we can. Shareholders have access to the directors of the business via email, and enquiries are welcomed. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Press Releases, and our social media channels for up to date news from investments.

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