Who are we?

GreenBank is a merchant banking business listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the Frankfurt Boerse and on the OTC Markets in the USA. GreenBank invests in undervalued exponential growth companies focused on building consistent capital appreciation for its shareholders.

What we do

Insightful Investment

Using its international network of contacts GreenBank seeks to identify and invest in the global businesses of tomorrow. These will tend to be scalable fast-growing companies whose product is easily purchased worldwide and which can operate internationally.

In addition to investing in these exciting globally scalable businesses, GreenBank mitigates its overall investment risk by also seeking to acquire minority or majority stakes in established companies with proven profitability and cash flow, which in turn will assist GreenBank’s overall cashflow and ability to finance a progressive dividend policy.

Innovative Merchant Banking

At its heart GreenBank is dedicated to being a highly skilled and innovative merchant banking business. Where many professional services firms see only problems and obstacles, GreenBank draws on its wealth of experience to deliver innovative, effective and decisive solutions.

GreenBank provides an extensive range of merchant banking services including but not limited to: Public Listings, Pre-Ipo funding, Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Reverse Mergers, Business Incubating, Corporate Restructuring.

Property ‘Potential’ Realisation

The GreenBank management team and partners have a track record of identifying overlooked and underestimated regional and urban places, and have the skills to obtain the requisite planning consents required to ensure the maximum financial, environmental and community benefits for stakeholders, turning unloved spaces into thriving hubs of family, business and community life.

In financial terms GreenBank is particularly attracted to the major increase in land value resulting from successfully obtaining planning consent for development projects. GreenBank is able to assemble a highly qualified and experienced team of planning and development experts to ensure that each potential development has the highest possible chance of obtaining local authority and community approval and support.

Liquidity Provision

All companies require cash to survive. Companies do not become bankrupt due to lack of assets or profits, but lack of cash. GreenBank specialises in providing liquidity solutions for public and private companies.

GreenBank provides a range of services from investment to active principal trading in client company shares, as well as a robust communication strategy designed to deliver enhanced levels of investor engagement and therefore increased volumes of daily trading in client company shares. We also source third party investment and borrowing facilities in order to support client company growth plans. Without minimum volumes of trading in public company shares, it is extremely difficult for those public companies to raise money from the investment community, for the simple reason that many investors do not want to be locked into illiquid investments.