GreenBank Capital portfolio company Codikoat delivers revolutionary biosafety product and enters into partnerships

Antimicrobial innovation helps solve significant public touchscreen health hazard

CodiKoat partners with MedTech firm BDK and raw metal company Keeling & Walker

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: March 28, 2022 – GreenBank Capital Inc. (“GreenBank” or “the Company”), the next-generation merchant bank, is pleased to announce that biotech portfolio company CodiKoat (  has delivered a groundbreaking biosafety product to solve a significant public touchscreen health hazard. Furthermore, in support of delivering this groundbreaking public health solution, the Cambridge based biotech firm has entered into partnerships with two market-leading UK-based manufacturers, BDK and Keeling & Walker.

In partnering with both these companies, Codikoat’s aim is to now produce a fully transparent adhesive film that, once administered,  offers incredible sanitizing protection without interfering with the displays of touch screen devices. Keeling & Walker (  produces specialist pigments that form part of the protective coating for the adhesive film, while medical technology manufacturer BDK (  delivers printing and production of the adhesive film.

CodiKoat’s antimicrobial innovation, based on a hyper-durable coating nanotechnology that deactivates virus particles in seconds, can be used to treat heavily used public surfaces, such as ATM and fast-food self-service screens, which often play host to a staggering array of harmful viruses and bacteria, including E. coli and the coronavirus. Tests conducted by the Microbiology department at London Metropolitan University found that touchscreens in fast-food restaurants can carry traces of numerous harmful or unsanitary substances,  and even staphylococcus, a bacterium that can cause blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome.

From supermarket checkouts to public transport and even air travel, there is a growing reliance on self-service and touchscreen machines in our daily lives. These devices can be used thousands of times per day but even the most robust cleaning procedures in use today still rely on often-ineffective human intervention. Constant re-sanitization is a serious resource-drain for businesses, who could not possibly hope to clean the devices after every use.

CodiKoat has provided a solution to this, with its product being self-cleaning, durable, and offering the same outstanding ongoing protection for users no matter how frequently it’s used. A prototype of the adhesive film product was previously tested at London’s Royal Opera House, where a pilot scheme saw samples touched over 2 million times over three months, with no measurable drop in its antiviral capabilities.

During its development, CodiKoat underwent highly rigorous laboratory tests carried out at University College London under the supervision of the university’s highly regarded Virology Research Services arm, on which the CodiKoat-treated acetate film was found to kill 90% of the human coronavirus within 2 seconds and over 99% within 10 seconds.

Terry Pullen, CEO of GreenBank Capital, said: “We are understandably very excited about this latest development from CodiKoat. We saw great promise and a fantastic market opportunity for this young company and its management when we invested in the firm last year and have seen the efficacy and recognition for the public health potential of its product grow at significant pace and scale. We look forward to continuing to work closely with this incredibly innovative firm and moving its product into the next stage of its roll out.”

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