Greenbank Portfolio Company’s Extraordinary Covid-Killing Product Achieves Outstanding International Standard Results And Is Now Installed At London’s Royal Opera House

Toronto, Ontario, May 31, 2021 – GreenBank Capital Inc. (CSE: GBC and OTCMKTS: GRNBF and FRA: 2TL) (“GreenBank” or “the Company”) is thrilled to announce that tests carried out to ISO standards by a leading independent laboratory have confirmed that CodiKoat’s first product that uses its world-leading technology is dramatically effective in killing the Covid-19 virus.

In rigorous laboratory tests carried out to ISO 21702:2019 standards at University College London under the auspices of the university’s highly-regarded Virology Research Services arm, the CodiKoat-treated acetate film was found to kill 90% of the human coronavirus within 2 seconds and over 99% within 10 seconds.

CodiKoat’s own tests show that the technology will destroy not only Covid-19 and all its mutations, but also all other viruses and bacteria, as well as any likely future pandemic threatening viruses.

We are also delighted to announce that trials of CodiKoat’s revolutionary product recently started at London’s world-famous Royal Opera House.  Initially the product was installed in a limited number of areas with high footfall but such was the hugely positive response of staff and visitors alike, that within a week the team were called back to the Opera House’s home in Covent Garden to install even more of the technology in a wider range of locations within the buildings.  

CodiKoat’s technology works by using surface-functionalised nanostructures to inactivate viruses within seconds of contact.  It also has the same effect on bacteria and fungi. CodiKoat have developed a high-precision coating process to apply their product in a highly controllable and uniform manner. This provides a strong chemistry of nanostructures with the surface, which leads to high durability, lasting for the whole product lifetime.  CodiKoat technology can coat any surface — be it hard or soft, rough or smooth, curved or flat — with nanoparticles of any composition and size. CodiKoat materials can be easily tuned at an atomic scale and integrated into existing manufacturing lines for any product.

Any surface or product treated with the CodiKoat application immediately becomes a Covid-destroying medium that within seconds destroys Covid-19 and any other existing and novel viruses and bacteria on contact. This effect lasts for the whole product lifetime with stunning implications for mass-use products and high footfall venues; from smart phone surfaces (which apparently can have more viral and bacterial load than toilet seats) to hospital environments and food hygiene.

In the US alone, hospital-acquired infections are thought to cost the US economy upwards of US$30bn a year – and that was before the emergence of Covid-19. Coating hospital surfaces and instruments with CodiKoat would offer the prospect of dramatically reducing these costs by radically reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. 

CodiKoat believe that smart phone and touch screen manufacturers will also want to incorporate the CodiKoat product into their manufacturing processes so that their phones will be entirely virus and bacteria free for the entire lifetime of the product. 

The potential uses for the revolutionary CodiKoat product are virtually endless.

GreenBank has completed the purchase of its initial stake in CodiKoat pursuant to its announcement of May 4th 2021.

Final results of testing on Codikoat’s next product, an antiviral face mask, are still awaited.

Raj Sharma, Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Codikoat said  “We are extremely pleased that CodiKoat technology has been independently proven to neutralise over 99% of Coronavirus within 10 seconds on treated surfaces.

Today’s announcement has important implications in the fight against viruses and bacteria and is a game changer as it opens up an entirely new market for our Antiviral coating technologies allowing it to be used on, for example the likes of fast-food self service touch screens and leading smartphones. Mobile phones and touch screens have become an ever-present part of people’s personal and work lives and by using Codikoat technology, users can be instantly safeguarded from viruses and bacteria. Currently antiviral technologies rely on antimicrobial mechanisms of silver and copper-based particles and can take hours to produce reliable antiviral effects and therefore are not viable for such uses.”

David Lonsdale, CEO of GreenBank Capital, said “we are really pleased with this independent verification of CodiKoat’s technology and we believe that the outcome of these tests carried out to the rigorous ISO 21702:2019 standard will make its first product very attractive to would-be users in a variety of important sectors, and encourage its widespread deployment. This is expected to make a crucial difference to the health of people around the world, whilst saving the world economy very significant sums of money as a consequence. The CodiKoat technology really is extraordinary, and we congratulate the CodiKoat team on their achievements”.

About the International Standards Organisation and ISO 21702:2019

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is a global network of the world’s leading standardisers.  Through its members (the national standards bodies in 165 different countries) the ISO brings together experts from all over the world to develop International Standards.

ISO 21702:2019 is a standard issued by the ISO for measuring antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces of antiviral-treated products against specified viruses.

About the Trials Underway at the Royal Opera House

The trials underway at London’s Royal Opera house are the first large-scale tests for CodiKoat’s acetate film product, in a real-world environment. In the trial the CodiKoat product has been affixed to frequently touched surfaces such as door plates, door handles, lift panels and keypads and will be left there for a duration of 2-3 months. During this period the plan is to remove some of the applied samples every two weeks on average and test them in Codikoat’s lab against coronavirus to demonstrate to the Royal Opera House the continued efficacy of the product in eradicating the virus on a continuous basis. The company’s engineers will also carry out weekly maintenance as well as collecting data on the frequency of use by observing the number of users.

About GreenBank

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