GreenCoinX Launches Safe Exchange To Defy Terrorists

By: Iyke Aru
Published by The Cointelegraph 2016-03-24 11:01 AM

GreenCoinX Launches Safe Exchange To Defy Terrorists

GreenCoinX has announced the launch of its affiliated cryptocurrency exchange SiiCrypto. It meets government standards and alleviates concerns about crooks and terrorists.

Users to be identified before usage

According to the Chairman and CEO of Greenbank Capital Inc, Danny Wettreich, SiiCrypto is a commission-free and safe exchange specializing in trading GreenCoinX, the world’s first and only cryptocurrency that requires users to be identified before usage.

Wettreich also claims that all SiiCrypto client funds are held by ILS Fiduciaries (Switzerland) Sarl., and client assets cannot be accessed without client sign off. He continued by describing SiiCrypto as a unique cryptocurrency exchange that represents the way all exchanges should function, saying that, GreenCoinX and SiiCrypto users meet the same “Know Your Customer” (‘KYC”) identification standards as the banking community.

Crooks and terrorists cannot use it to hide their activities

Danny Wettreich, Chairman and CEO of Greenbank Capital Inc, says:

“The reality is that without KYC no crypto currency will ever be acceptable as a medium of exchange. The promise of crypto currency was always the fast and inexpensive transfer of funds worldwide, while bypassing the banking system. Until the advent of GreenCoinX this has been impeded by identity concerns. In sharp contrast to bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, the KYC standard of GreenCoinX alleviates the concerns of both governments and users that crooks and terrorists can use cryptocurrency to hide their activities.”

Other attributes of SiiCrypto, which Wettreich claims has enhanced the completion of the GreenCoinX ecosystem includes:

  • It encompasses the world’s only cryptocurrency that requires user KYC identification.
  • A free GreenCoinX online wallet.
  • A commission-free and safe online cryptocurrency exchange.

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