Liquidity Provision

All companies require cash to survive. Companies do not become bankrupt due to lack of assets or profits, but lack of cash. GreenBank specialises in providing liquidity solutions for public and private companies.

For public companies, GreenBank provide a range of services from investment to active principal trading in client company shares, as well as a robust communication strategy designed to deliver enhanced levels of investor engagement and therefore increased volumes of daily trading in client company shares.

We also source third party investment and borrowing facilities in order to support client company growth plans. Without minimum volumes of trading in public company shares, it is extremely difficult for those public companies to raise money from the investment community, for the simple reason that many investors do not want to be locked into illiquid investments. GreenBank endeavour to actively support client companies increase trading volumes in order to make client company shares more liquid, and therefore more attractive to investors at large.

Furthermore, by helping to ensure that client company shares are liquid, we also help to ensure that client companies are able to make acquisitions, as well as raise finance, more easily and on more attractive terms.

This is because vendors can be confident that any stock they receive as part or full consideration for the sale of their business will in fact be realisable. The provision of liquidity for client company shares is therefore important for the growth plans of client companies and reassuring for client company shareholders.

For both private and public companies we also provide or arrange equity investment, asset finance, bridging loans, convertible debt finance, pre-ipo funding and medium term loans in order to support and strengthen client company growth plans and objectives.