United Kingdom based Killer of Covid 19, its mutations, any new mutations and all other viruses

In rigorous laboratory tests carried out to ISO 21702:2019 standards at University College London under the auspices of the university’s highly-regarded Virology Research Services arm, the CodiKoat-treated acetate film was found to kill 90% of the human coronavirus within 2 seconds and over 99% within 10 seconds.

CodiKoat’s own tests show that the technology will destroy not only Covid-19 and all its mutations, but also all other viruses and bacteria, as well as any likely future pandemic threatening viruses.

Trials of CodiKoat’s revolutionary product recently started at London’s world-famous Royal Opera House. Initially the product was installed in a limited number of areas with high footfall but such was the hugely positive response of staff and visitors alike, that within a week the team were called back to the Opera House’s home in Covent Garden to install even more of the technology in a wider range of locations within the buildings.

CodiKoat’s technology works by using surface-functionalised nanostructures to inactivate viruses within seconds of contact. It also has the same effect on bacteria and fungi. CodiKoat have developed a high-precision coating process to apply their product in a highly controllable and uniform manner. This provides a strong chemistry of nanostructures with the surface, which leads to high durability, lasting for the whole product lifetime. CodiKoat technology can coat any surface — be it hard or soft, rough or smooth, curved or flat — with nanoparticles of any composition and size. CodiKoat materials can be easily tuned at an atomic scale and integrated into existing manufacturing lines for any product.

Any surface or product treated with the CodiKoat application immediately becomes a Covid-destroying medium that within seconds destroys Covid-19 and any other existing and novel viruses and bacteria on contact. This effect lasts for the whole product lifetime with stunning implications for mass-use products and high footfall venues; from smart phone surfaces (which apparently can have more viral and bacterial load than toilet seats) to hospital environments and food hygiene.

In the US alone, hospital-acquired infections are thought to cost the US economy upwards of US$30bn a year – and that was before the emergence of Covid-19. Coating hospital surfaces and instruments with CodiKoat would offer the prospect of dramatically reducing these costs by radically reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections.

CodiKoat believe that smart phone and touch screen manufacturers will also want to incorporate the CodiKoat product into their manufacturing processes so that their phones will be entirely virus and bacteria free for the entire lifetime of the product.

The potential uses for the revolutionary CodiKoat product are virtually endless.

Codikoat recently partnered with Vent-Axia to launch their first product. The innovative Vent-Axia Powered by CodiKoat Air Purifier removes and kills the harmful particulates from the air that you breathe, breaks down pollutants and neutralises bad smells in seconds.

We spend more than 90% of our time inside, breathing air that is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significantly damaging impact on personal health.

Free to Play, Play to Earn, One world only Metaverse Game. New Alternate Reality Constructions

Overview & Market Opportunity: 

NARC Limited, the developer of a new one-world only, play to earn, Massive Multiplayer Online (“MMO”) game being produced by one of the founders and key architect of Eve Online (“Eve”), the highly successful MMO that was sold for $425 million in September 2018, whilst also being backed by the founder of Sony PlayStation Europe. The founders of NARC believe this game (Beyond Ever After) to be their “life’s work” and it is expected to dwarf Eve in terms of scale and value. MMOs are recognised by the tech giants as a key future revenue area (facebook with no product changed their name to Meta!). Being arguably first to the Metaverse play to earn space, there is no reason why this Triple-A title could not achieve the valuations of basic 2D Play to Earn games, like Axie Infinity and Sandbox. Axie Infinity in just 4-5months went from a $194m Valuation to $10bn. The Founder of Sony PlayStation Europe Chris Deering, said Beyond Ever After could be the fastest grossing game of all time.

The Product: 

The game itself has been in planning and development for over 10 years, is called “Beyond Ever After” (“BEA”) and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors have to build the new world from scratch. The game utilises real money trading (“RMT”) so that real world jobs from mining to housebuilding to joining the military pays real money in the online world. As AI and robotics take over real world jobs new jobs will be available in the virtual world to replace them – answering one of the biggest questions of our time: “what will people do when their jobs have been taken over by AI and robotics”. The Game is being designed to have a multiple decade long life span and will be playable on all major operating systems cross play, most importantly in virtual reality, it will be free to play and not pay to win, perpetual in nature with new game content added seamlessly in real time. As regards the profitability of this game for the game’s owners, the global resources within the game economy, if millions of players do play the game, could ultimately in the long term amount to tens or possibly even hundreds of billions of real money value. NARC will take a fractional commission on each transaction within the game. NARC has the potential to be a tech giant of the future.

Asset Management Platform

Invested in 400,000,000 of Freeways utility Token as a first step in a planned collaboration with Freeway (freeway.io) (previously called AuBit). Freeway is the pioneering asset management platform being created to help to service the needs of institutional, professional and retail investors in the multi-trillion dollar global asset management industry.

Freeway Tokens are traded on several crypto currency platforms and have a strictly limited maximum supply of only 10bn. Based on the midmarket price at 8 am GMT on 12 November 2020, Staminier’s holding of Freeway Tokens had a market value of approximately US$3.2m. Within a week of making the investment, the value of the investment had doubled. The Freeway Token can also be staked, giving further rewards “Dividends” and utility. Up to 43%, in pure income, per year.